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Freezer Repair in Riverside CA - (951) 436-3056

What good is a freezer full of food if it doesn’t work? That sounds like a horrible situation to be in, so don’t put yourself in it. If you need a freezer repair in Riverside CA, you don’t have to wait till it’s too late. We are a Riverside freezer repair company that can help get to the bottom of your freezer troubles, today!

We are a leading provider of freezer repair services to the Riverside CA area. It is our goal to provide successful repairs to all our clients while keeping our rates affordable and our repair times to a minimal. Our talented team of appliance repairman are all licensed and certified, and also have years of experience providing freezer repair in Riverside CA.

What makes a freezer repair so difficult, anyway? As with any appliance repair, it’s simply a matter of finding the broken or defective freezer parts and replacing them with new ones. As there are many suppliers of replacement freezer parts in Riverside CA, getting those parts is never an issue.

Let us help you get your freezer running fluently again. We can find a solution, gather the freezer parts, replace them, and have your freezer operation. We test before leaving to make sure every repair is successful. It’s pretty simple, if you live in or close to Riverside CA and need to have your freezer repaired, all you have to do is give us a quick call and we’ll start working with you to find the most cost effective solution.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Worried that the compressor on your freezer is defective? If the thermostat in your freezer is set wrong, the compressor may start up and then shut off. This part is responsible for sending power, which the freezer uses for its cooling feature. The compressor may get tripped sooner or later, this depends on the internal temperature for the freezer. Try putting it to a lower temperature and then observe whether the compressor kicks on. If it doesn’t shut off after starting up, there is no issue with this part.


ASAP Appliance Repair of Riverside

5198 Arlington Ave #957, Riverside, CA 92504

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