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Dryer Repair in Riverside CA - (951) 436-3056

A home without a working dryer is a major cause for concern. We understand having your dryer stop working on you can create many difficulties in your schedule. If any dryer parts become damaged or defective, you just have to give us a call. Our Riverside dryer repair team consists of highly qualified, professionally trained appliance repair technicians.

Our goal is to provide the Riverside CA area with constantly consistent repair services. We have been successful at providing effective dryer repair solutions for years, and we don’t intend on slowing down. We take great pride in knowing our talented team of dryer repair technicians continues to provide dryer repair in Riverside CA with a very high success rate.

Our repair technicians are always on hand to help anyone in need of dryer repair in Riverside CA. We stock our work vehicles with common replacement dryer parts. This often saves us from having to travel to pick up the replacement dryer parts in Riverside CA, making the repair much quicker. If the parts aren’t on hand, we have quick access to local parts distributors, who have replacement parts for all different makes and models.

We also attempt to bill our clients fairly, which requires us to follow industry standards when writing estimates. This incorporates the rates found in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. This factors in the appropriate cost for any replacement parts and the associated labor to complete the repair. Feel free to give us a shout if you’re in the Riverside CA area and need to get your dryer repaired!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Do you have a tumbler dryer that’s giving off a burning smell? This is likely because of the machine overheating. This can happen even if the dryer isn’t getting clothes dry any quicker. In fact, many dryers overheat externally and fail internally when trying to heat up. This can cause loads to remain wet after one or two cycles in the dryer. A burning smell is a major sign of fire risk. With thousands of dryer fires happening every year, getting your dryer look at by a professional is imperative.


ASAP Appliance Repair of Riverside

5198 Arlington Ave #957, Riverside, CA 92504

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